Для іноземних студентів

Kharkov State Zooveterinary Academy – state establishment of the 4th level of accreditation

The Academy trains foreign citizens in the following directions:

“Veterinary Medicine”,  specializations:

  • Veterinary Medicine (according to kinds)
  • Veterinary-sanitary inspection, quality and safety of animal husbandry
  • Veterinary hygiene and sanitary
  • Veterinary pharmacia
  • Laboratory diagnosis of animal diseases.

“Management ”, specializations:

  • Management of marketing effort
  • Management of foreign economic activities
  • Management of banking activities

“Technology of animal product processing ”, specializations:

  • Technology of animal product processing
  • Animal feeding and feeds technology
  • Animal breeding and selection
  • Poultry farming
  • Horse-breeding
  • Bee-keeping
  • Industrial animal breeding and kinology


“Forest, park and gardening”

“Water bioresourses and aquaculture”.

For foreign citizens and also for those people, who want to improve their Russian knowledge, there is a preparatory department in our Academy. During the study period, applicants have the possibility to improve their knowledge not only in Russian, but also in those subjects, that are necessary for their successful 1st year training in the chosen specialty.

The period of study:

Veterinary Medicine:

“Master Degree” – 6 years.

“Management ”:

  • “Bachelor Degree” – 4 years;
  • “Master Degree” – 5years and 6 months.

“Technology of animal product processing ”

  • “Bachelor degree” – 4 years;
  • “Master Degree” – 5year and 6 months

“Biotechnology”, “Forest, park and gardening”, “Water bioresourses and aquaculture”

  • “Bachelor Degree” – 4 years;
  • “Master Degree” – 5year and 6 months.

Cost of study:

  • study at preparatory department for foreign citizens – 1000 USD
  • the main faculties (to educational and qualification level “Bachelor” – 1800 USD annually)
  • the main faculties (from educational and qualification level “Bachelor” to educational and qualification level “Master” – 2000 USD annually )
  • post graduation (14 specialties) – 2700 USD annually.

To be enrolled to the Academy it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • education certificate and marks list (duplicate);
  • medical certificate given for 2 months till entrance in Ukraine to study;
  • birth certificate (copy);
  • 6 color photos 60*40.

Address of establishment:

Kharkov State Zooveterinary Academy

Malaya Danilovka, Dergachi district,  Kharkov region, Ukraine, 62341

Tel/fax: +380576357448

Website of Academy: http://hdzva.edu.ua

e-mail address: info@hdzva.edu.ua

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